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150 years ago we laid our cornerstone, and on October 21, 2017 at 6pm the doors will open to celebrate this once in a lifetime event. This evening will be a black tie affair (suit and tie is acceptable) filled with live music, dancing, tours of the Hezekiah Alexander House, award presentations, keynote speakers, great food, and so much more.

We would love for you to celebrate with us. RSVP’s are a must as tickets and space are limited. To reserve your spot while there is availability simply click the button below:

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Excelsior Lodge was founded in 1867 as the 261st Masonic Lodge to be chartered in North Carolina. It was founded in Charlotte, NC by Charlotte businessman and alderman Samuel Wittkowsky and former N.C. Governor, U.S. Senator, and Confederate General Zebulon B. Vance.

After the War Between the States, Vance was imprisoned for having served as governor of N.C. during the war. Following his release, on the encouragement of fellow Mason Wittkowsky, Vance began his new life as a civilian in Charlotte, where he set up a law practice. In Charlotte, Phalanx Lodge #31 was thriving – it was soon thriving even moreso with the addition of N.C.’s most famous politician (now civilian) attending lodge meetings.

Eventually, Vance and Wittkowsky chartered a second lodge in Charlotte, with the blessing and assistance of Phalanx 31: Excelsior. Meaning higher, always upward, Vance had no doubt drawn on his younger days as a Latin student, as well as the common use of Latin in law, to name this new lodge

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Freemasonry teaches lessons of practical morality using symbolism derived from the “builder’s art” or operative stonemasonry, including working tools such as the plumb, square, and level, and basing much of its teaching on the story of the building of the Temple of Solomon, as recounted in the Hebrew Scriptures. By practical morality is meant knowing what to do in life, rather than being concerned with mere idle speculation about what one should do.

Freemasonry is the world’s oldest and largest fraternal organization. Its members may be found in every free country in the world. There are over two million Freemasons in the United States alone.


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Master Mason Degree

Excelsior just raised Michael Wilson to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason. Welcome to our

Fellowcraft Degree and Visitors from South Carolina

We had great turnout for our recent Fellowcraft Degree where we passed Brother Michael Wilson.

Spring School of Instruction

We  had a lodge full of brethren from across the district as Excelsior hosted the

Prince Hall Brothers Visit Excelsior

Eight Brothers from the 32nd Prince Hall District visited with Excelsior at our March Stated



It is our hope on this site to provide answers to any questions you may have about Freemasonry – the world’s oldest fraternity.

Throughout the ages, men of great character have practiced the ancient arts in our brotherhood, including many great historical figures. Our honored fraternity has been a guiding spirit behind many of the great movements and achievements in both modern and ancient history. The lessons we teach today are the lessons taught 3000 years ago – timeless truths about what constitutes a good man and a good society.

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